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Isaiah's film is going to be on TV!

Friday, March 28, 2008 Leave a Comment

Wondering what to do until the benefit on April 14th? Wish you could see more of Isaiah? Well, who wouldn't? So why not catch my television broadcast debut this Saturday night at 10:45 pm on PBS Channel Thirteen?

"Window Shopping," a short I starred in, was chosen as a finalist for this week's "Reel 13" program, which sandwiches a classic film, an indie short, and an indie feature together for a long Saturday evening of excellent cinema. Window Shopping won the poll, beating out two other strong films, and will air this week between Billy Wilder's classic "One, Two, Three" and "The Delicate Art of Parking," which looks like quality, judging by its trailer. The whole evening starts at 9; Window Shopping will air at 10:45.

If you don't feel like staying up to catch it on television (or, like me, you'll be out of town), the film will remain up on the Reel-13 website, at http://www.thirteen.org/reel13/shorts.html for I don't know how long (forever, hopefully), so you can stream it onto your computer.

You should also be sure to check out "Rue" alumna Laura Walczak as a hilariously drunk woman, stood up on her date and vowing to take revenge, in "Loaded," which was a previous week's finalist entry.

I'm going to be out of town for Food/Soul, but I'll see you at the benefit! Bring your smiley faces, I'll have my camera 'round my neck.