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New Roots -- Sam Dingman interviews Isaiah Tanenbaum

Sunday, July 13, 2008 Leave a Comment

(photo: Shalin Scupham. Flute: Isaiah Tanebaum, Snout: Nick Monroy, Bottom: Christina Shipp)

Today marks our return to more regular Flux blogging post Midsummer madness, and there is MUCH to blog about. To begin, check out this link for The New Roots Project, a fascinating new venture led by actor Sam Dingman to find common ground between the Indie Theatre, Film and Comedy communities in New York City. After attending the exciting second annual Indie Theatre Convocation yesterday (more on that anon), I am even more excited by Sam's exciting endeavor.
Sam interviewed Associate Member Isaiah Tannenbaum on camera, and his lively and articulate thoughts on being an actor in NYC, and a part of Flux, can be found here.
I also spoke with Sam, both about my role as Artistic Director of Flux, and his ideas for what New Roots can be; and I am excited to find opportunities for future collaboration both with New Roots and the wider Indie Theatre, Film and Comedy communities. (Of course, I also need to finish rewriting Other Bodies...and more on that anon as well!)