Little Pond Flux Retreat 2008 Pictures

Wednesday, September 3, 2008 Leave a Comment

(Photo: Tiffany Clementi/ L to R around the table: Johnna Adams, Kelly O'Donnell, Christina Shipp, Ken Glickfeld, Angela Astle, Rebecca McHugh, Ingrid Nordstrom, Jason Paradine, Cotton Wright, Isaiah Tanenbaum, Katherine Burger, Jake Alexander, Kate Marks)
Dinner is always a special time at the Flux retreat - after a hard day workshopping plays, chopping firewood and discussing organizational structures, it helps to come together over local grown corn on the cob.

(Photo: Tiffany Clementi/Brian Pracht, Heather Cohn, Joe Mathers, Ingrid Nordstrom)
Benefits of Little Pond include outdoor rehearsal space (lots of it), being taken advantage of above by Heather's direction of Katherine's Texas Toast.

(Photo: Tiffany Clementi/ Jake Alexander, Brian Pracht, Rebecca McHugh, Ingrid Nordstrom)
There is also a lovely indoor rehearsal space, where four directors (yipes!) simultaneously messed around with my new 60's play.

(Photo: Tiffany Clementi)
And above all, there are the rolling, beautiful grounds to lose yourself in for an hour or two...ah, Little Pond! We miss you already. (Hopefully, more posts about what happened at the retreat soon).