Flux's 2009/10 Season Announcement!

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A dark comedy about what beauty steals...
An epic journey through the seductions of history...
A classic tragedy of what remains when all is taken...

Flux's 2009-10 Season of Give and Take

Pretty Theft
By Adam Szymkowicz
Directed by Angela Astle
April 23rd - May 17th, 2009

The Lesser Seductions of History
By August Schulenburg
Directed by Heather Cohn
October-November, 2009

By Archibald MacLeish
Directed by Kelly O'Donnell
Winter 2010

Season Synopsis
Is beauty a thief or a gift?
Flux's 2009/10 Season of Give and Take begins with Adam Szymkowicz's Pretty Theft, a play about ballerinas, boxes and the dangers of beauty. After the death of her father, Allegra falls under the wing of bad girl Suzy, only to find an unexpected friendship with Joe, an autistic savant. When things between them take a violent turn, Allegra and Suzy escape cross country and befriend Marco, a mysterious thief who claims he cannot be caught. Newest Flux Member Angela Astle stages this unsettling comedy from the critically acclaimed playwright of Nerve, Food for Fish and Incendiary.

What is the cost of changing history?
The whimsical comedy of Pretty Theft expands into the epic journey of Flux's fall production, August Schulenburg's The Lesser Seductions of History. Following ten characters through each year of the 1960's, this play was written specifically for the actors of the Ensemble. History becomes as intimate as a lover when the decade's fracture points of race, sex and war break and remake the characters. Fringe NYC award winning director Heather Cohn teams up again with the playwright of Other Bodies, Riding the Bull and Rue.

How do you survive losing everything?
Our Season of Give and Take culminates in Archibald MacLeish’s 1959 Pulitzer Prize winning play, J.B. A radical re-telling of the biblical story of Job, J.B. wrestles with the seeming indifference of God in the face of suffering. Two washed up actors transform a ruined theatre to battle over the meaning of a banker who loses everything. Flux Member Kelly O’Donnell, director of Rue, Riding the Bull and 8 Little Antichrists, will use masks, puppets and movement to create a uniquely theatrical event.

Why these three plays? Each takes one of three great movers in our lives - beauty, history and faith – and asks what each gives, and what each takes away. Join us as Flux Theatre Ensemble journeys through our third season, a Season of Give and Take.