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National New Play Network's Playwrights In Residence Program

Monday, February 1, 2010 Leave a Comment

I was aware of the amazing work the National New Play Network is doing with their Continued Life of New Plays Fund, which was also featured as a positive example in Outrageous Fortune.

But through Adam's recent interview with Steve Yockey, I came across an equally interesting program from NNPN called the Emerging Playwrights in Residence program. This program takes recent graduates of MFA programs, and puts them in residence for 1 year with a NNPN member theatre, where they participate directly in the artistic and producing life of the company.

Because the residency is only a year, is reserved only for recent MFA grads, and has no production guarantee, this program is not a perfect fit for The Homing Project, but it could certainly be an ally. It is also a perfect match for one of my take-away wishes from Outrageous Fortune - playwrights embedded in the functioning life of a theatre.


  • joshcon80 said:  

    Um... why exactly is it for recent MFA graduates? Isn't that just exacerbating the "MFA problem"? It seems unfair to me.

  • August Schulenburg said:  


    I agree it's a flaw in the program, but think that any program that helps playwrights connect to a specific company and community over time is an ally.
    However, I definitely don't want the Homing Project to exclude anyone in that way. As you say, it's a big part of the problem.