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Backstage Interview - Jacob's House

Saturday, May 1, 2010 Leave a Comment

(Photo by Justin Hoch @ jhoch.com. Pictured: Isaiah Tanenbaum, Kelli Dawn Holsopple)

My interview with Alice Wade of Backstage is up, and shes does a great job of crafting the narrative of events that lead to Jacob's House. Read the whole thing here.

Last night we opened to a sold out house, and after these crazy 68 days, I found out the play does, in fact, work. Huzzah and a deep exhale.

And it was interesting to juxtapose the experience of the play with the house packed to the slightly under half full audience of preview. At preview, the show played well, but it didn't quite transport the audience the way it did last night. It continually amazes me what an impact the audience has on our experience of a play, and how a certain critical mass needs to be present for a play's alchemy to work.

So now, with the play up and working and with lots of room to grow, our job becomes convincing the on-the-fence folks to make time to see it, to achieve that critical mass for every show.

So please, take advantage of our opening $11 discount ticket offer with the code MANIFEST, and hopefully I'll see you at the theatre tonight or Sunday night!