Back In The Saddle

Friday, June 4, 2010 Leave a Comment

After taking a week (or so) to recover from Jacob's House (and if you haven't left your thoughts on the play here, please do!), Flux is back in motion. Here's a quick peek at what you can expect:

  • The return of our weekly development series, Flux Sundays
  • The completion of our interview series for the artists of Jacob's House and Divine Reckonings (only a few more to go!)
  • The post mortem of Jacob's House - some of which we'll share online
  • The announcement of our next season
  • The announcement of our next installments of Have Another and Food:Soul
  • Updates on Playwrights Reviewing Playwrights
  • Updates on The Homing Project
  • More Exploding Moments
  • Further updates on our evolving Mission, Values, and Membership Structure (maybe you've even noticed our trial Mission newly updated above?)
  • Lots more random theatrecentric posts about this fascinating world
I'll be trying to keep things moving here on the blog, though somehow our off-production time seems even busier (in the middle of trying to finish two commissions!), so, we'll see how it goes. Thanks for reading.


  • Carissa Cordes said:  

    I don't see your trial mission statement thingy...(I am also bleary eyed and exhausted)

  • August Schulenburg said:  


    It disappears when you're looking at an individual post - just one of the charming things I need to fix about this beautiful but mysteriously coded template!