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Ajax in Iraq Review: Haytham Elhawary, Theatre Is Easy

Tuesday, June 21, 2011 Leave a Comment

(Photo: Isaiah Tanenbaum. Pictured: Joshua Koopman)

Starting to catch up! Our next review is by Haytham Elhawary from Theatre is Easy, and it's lovely. He begins with a quote from Plato I was unfamiliar with that fits the play painfully well: "Only the dead have seen the end of war." I also appreciate that he notices how much of the play is concerned with the fine line between heroism and cruelty, a large theme of the play that others have responded to less strongly.

His one criticism is likewise interesting: he thinks the play could do with less overlapping of A.J. and Ajax's story. Do you agree? I find the collision of the two stores so satisfying, especially the scene when they speak as one; and I love how the end of both stories lay on top of each other, as if only a layer of sand and time kept them apart. I don't think those moments would be possible without the amount of intertwining leading up to them - what do you think?

My favorite quote is the one that ends the review:
Ajax in Iraq does an excellent job of presenting a social critique against war combined with the story of its effects on the individual lives of a group of soldiers. If you want to see a play that will have you thinking about its story for many days to come, this will definitely stir your conscience.


  • Dean Collins said:  

    the overlay is perfect...maybe he wasnt paying attention to the funky wristbands :)

    I do think the play could be editted down by about 15 minutes though....of find a theatre with real seats....