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MENDERS Print Ad in Carrier Pigeon

Tuesday, October 4, 2011 Leave a Comment

(Print advertisement for Menders by Kristy Caldwell)

Post by August Schulenburg

There is nothing like returning from my (perfect, dazzling, exhausting) honeymoon to find this evocative image for our upcoming production of Menders in my inbox. Kristy Caldwell is the brilliant artist responsible for the Dog Act and Ajax in Iraq postcards, and she's working on an image for the the Menders postcard that will tie all three separate images into a single image - you can see what I mean here.

Other folks looking for illustrations, if the above doesn't convince you, working with Kristy is the best. You should do it, too.

The image above, which will appear as a print ad in Issue 5 of Carrier Pigeon, really strikes at the secret, walled heart of Erin's beautiful play - I'm so glad to return to the city and hit the ground running on Menders.