Welcome to Flux Theatre Ensemble's Blog

Saturday, November 10, 2007 Leave a Comment

Dear friends of Flux and the theatrosphere in general,

Welcome to Flux Theatre Ensemble's new blog! With our weekly Flux Sundays, monthly Bar Series, regular Potluck Play Series and a 2008 season with 5 (!) shows on the horizon, it was time for us to move to an online presence that could more quickly post the blizzard of things we are doing; and allow for a more informal interaction with the Indie online theatre community than the gorgeous architecture of our current website (thank you Dave Townsend!) will allow. Our website is the would-be e-Parthenon of Flux, and this blog, the dirty buzzing haggling wild town square.

Come here for updates on all of our activities, and for information on theatre companies and artists we support. Check us out regularly- we promise you'll never step in the same river twice.