The American Theater Company and The American Blues Theater

Saturday, March 28, 2009 Leave a Comment

Here's a sad, fascinating article about the break up of Chicago's venerable ensemble, The American Theater Company (h/t Mission Paradox). Artists who founded the company 25 years ago, and helped build the theatre in every way imaginable, are leaving because they do not see themselves reflected in the new Artistic Director's vision. The real heat of the article is in the comments section, where people familiar to the history of the company defend and attack the actions of both sides.

Reading this article, so many of the conversations we have had, and are having, as a very young Ensemble are reflected in frightening, inspiring, and instructive ways. A company is defined less by a grand vision than a series of difficult daily choices; but if you lose sight of that vision in the fog of daily decisions, that vision will be defined for you.