Cast of The Lesser Seductions of History Announced

Sunday, March 29, 2009 Leave a Comment

I am so excited to announce the amazing cast we've put together for our fall show, The Lesser Seductions of History! We have 8 Members involved, and 3 newish folks - Matthew Archambault (so good in our Imagination Compact last year), Ingrid Nordstrom (our dramaturg for Midsummer and Other Bodies) and DeWanda Wise (a find from Daren Taylor's Exodus in the Fringe).

The company looks like this:

The Lesser Seductions of History

DIRECTOR: Heather Cohn
PLAYWRIGHT: August Schulenburg
STAGE MANAGER: Jodi Witherell
SET DESIGN: Will Lowry
LIGHT DESIGN: Lauren Parrish
COSTUME DESIGN: Brenda Abbandandolo
ONE - Candice Holdorf
MARIE - Tiffany Clementi
ISAAC - Jake Alexander
LIZZIE - Christina Shipp
ANISA - Ingrid Nordstrom
TEGAN - Kelly O'Donnell
LEE - Isaiah Tanenbaum
BARRY - Matthew Archambault
BOBBY - Jason Paradine
MARTHA - DeWanda Wise
GEORGE - Michael Davis

What is the cost of changing history?
Following ten characters through each year of the 1960's, this play was written specifically for the actors of the Ensemble. History becomes as intimate as a lover when the decade's fracture points of race, sex and war break and remake the characters. Fringe NYC award winning director Heather Cohn teams up again with the playwright of Other Bodies, Riding the Bull and Rue.

(A sneak peak at our 1st developmental reading at the Women's Project below, courtesy of Candice Holdorf.)

(Pictured: DeWanda Wise, Matthew Archambault, director Heather Cohn)
Evidently, this play is a comedy...

(Pictured: Jason Paradine, Jake Alexander, August Schulenburg, pinch hitter Amy Fitts)
...a very funny comedy...
(Pictured: Michael Davis, Isaiah Tanenbaum, Kelly O'Donnell)
...except when it's not.