Flux 5th Annual Retreat

Friday, August 27, 2010 Leave a Comment

It's that happy time! We're off to our 5th Annual Retreat at the beautiful Little Pond Arts Retreat (picture above from 2008).

The first two days will be spent finishing our work from last year on values, mission, membership structure, and internal communications; then transition into a strategic plan conversation that will look at programming, branding, and development.

But don't worry: we are actually having fun and playing on this retreat, too! How could we not, with a roster of awesomeness that includes: Cat Adler-Josem, Ryan Andes, Jessica Angelskhan, Matthew Archambault, Erin Browne, Tiffany Clementi, Heather Cohn, David Crommett, Michael Davis, Ken Glickfeld, Will Lowry, Matthew Murumba, Kelly O'Donnell, Jason Paradine, Kristen Palmer, Brian Pracht, Zack Robidas, Marnie Schulenburg, Christina Shipp, Raushanah Simmons, Adam Szymkowicz, Isaiah Tanenbaum, Jane Taylor, and Cotton Wright.

Internet access is very spotty at Little Pond, so there may be some radio silence for a little while, but we'll have LOTS to talk about on our return...including the season announcement.