Pictures From The Feud

Thursday, November 18, 2010 Leave a Comment

(Focused on the Feud)
What a night! Over 100 people showed up for our Flux Family Feud Benefit. We'll be following up with the answers from the Feud itself (there was some fun controversy), but for now, we'll let these pictures equal a whole bunch of words. All photos by Isaiah Tanenbaum.
(The Passion of the X. Pictured: Kelly X'Donnell, Debargo Senyal, Michael Roderick, Erica Livingston)
(The APHRA BEHNS huddle. Pictured: Tim Errickson, Tiffany Clementi, J Holtham, Micah Bucey, Martin Denton)
(THE TYRONES celebrate. Pictured: Debargo Senyal, Michael Roderick, Jason Paradine, Erica Livingston, Catherine Porter)
(Fast Money...and Faster Matthew Archambault)
(Raffle maestro Tiffany Clementi showing Michael Davis the ropes)
(Artist Ryan Andes sizing the prize to fit the wrist of Carissa "I Own The Flux Raffle" Cordes)
(Just a little Rock and Roll Romantic for you, Buzzer Lovers. Pictured: Christina Shipp, and a quarter chambault.)
(Let's hear it for the Feud!)


  • Carissa Cordes said:  

    It's the only raffle I've managed to win with any competition. This year I won twice!