Press Photos For Dog Act

Tuesday, December 28, 2010 Leave a Comment

(All photos by Isaiah Tanenbaum. Pictured: Lori E. Parquet, Chris Wight.)

We had a great time taking early press photos for Dog Act (and did we mention tickets are now available with a limited time discount?) After our first music rehearsal with Gerard Keenan, he gratefully lent us his 100 year old banjo for the shoot, and we headed on down to Madison Square Park. I'd brought my juggling clubs for Lori (we wanted something performative that could also be used as a weapon), Chris played the banjo, and Isaiah tried to capture the perfect shot.

We may end up going with the shot above - we're all drawn to the framing of Dog and Zetta by the blurred legs of the passerbys - there is always something depressing about the inevitable overly-staged quality of most press shots that fail to capture any of the vitality of a real show.

We also liked the playful quality of this shot, but it doesn't capture the tough circumstances these characters are facing in their post-apocalyptic world.

This shot, on the other hand, feels a little too somber (have you noticed the great bare tree in the background?)

One of the highlights of the shoot was our random decision to ask a passerby if her dog could walk through the shot. She not only agreed, but spent the next 15 (cold) minutes arranging the lovely Emma in various poses. I really do love this city.
There's something really cool about this shot, but in the end, we worried having an actual dog in the shot distorted the play - hopefully Emma will find her well-deserved fame in spite of that, and thanks to Nina for playing with us!

What shots are you drawn to?


  • TMC said:  

    I love the one with the dog watching them~

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    off topic:

    I wonder if you could tweak the Blogger template so that the author might appear on each post? You list these contributors:

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    If any post can be written by any of 8 people, I would prefer to know who is writing. Provenance is an important part of how any us read an announcement.