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The Quest For The Cart

Saturday, December 11, 2010 Leave a Comment

In our upcoming production of Liz Duffy Adams' Dog Act, the most important set piece is on wheels. Zetta and Dog are "vauders", performers traveling through a post-apocalyptic wild to reach (a mythical?) China, where their act will finally reach an audience of more than scavengers.

Essential to that act is The Cart, a mobile archive of every prop, costume, razzle, and dazzle of past vaudevillian ages. Around 200 years old, The Cart has been passed down from generation to generation, and Zetta guards it now. It is essential to her, to the act, to the world; and so therefore to our production.

So we have a a cart to make! And we're hoping you can help. If you have a farm style cart or wagon of enough size that it could house such a hoard, email me at gus (at) fluxtheatre (dot) org if you're open to parting with it free (or close to it). Vauders of this and many generations to come will thank you.

And now, pictures to inspire: