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Flux and Studio 42

Thursday, December 13, 2007 Leave a Comment

After our Flux Sunday on the 9th, Jake and Adam and I went out to an event hosted by Studio 42 at a gourmet pizza place/wine bar near Art Bar. Studio 42 is run by our friend Devon Berkshire (pictured here to the left lying perilously yet comfortably in the road) who acted in Flux's Dream Chain (a reconstruction of Calderon's La Vida Es Sueno with 7 playwrights each writing 1 of the 7 scenes.) I admire Devon's work as an actress, and I've heard good things about Studio 42, so I was excited to swing on down and check it out.

The narrow bar was packed with Studio 42 people, many of whom went to Vassar, and as J and A and I downed half bottles of Echeveria Cabernet, I found myself in all sorts of interesting conversations, including meeting playwright Eric Sanders of The Thursday Problem, blogger/director Isaac Butler from Parabasis, and Melissa Miller, the actress who was so lovely in Ken Urban's Private Lives of Eskimos at the Committee. Jake was his usual social butterfly self, though I soon found myself alone w/relative strangers and lot of wine to finish. Through sheer will-power, I gave the Echeveria its due.

Devon gave a brief speech about the future of Studio 42, which sounds very exciting and full of potential collaborative possibilities. And I always appreciate a company that reaches out to the NYC indie theatre community, as Flux itself attempts to do. I'm looking forward to learning more about Studio 42, convincing Devon to eventually come to a Flux Sunday, and to polishing off more half bottles of wine with Jake and Adam. Theatre, huzzah.


  • Malcolm Sosa said:  

    Devon is really really cool. From what I remember.