Have Another #2, January 7th

Wednesday, January 9, 2008 Leave a Comment

Oh captain, our captain, Jake Alexander, MC of the Have Another, with his trusty sidekick, the donation fishbowl...if you've ever wondered what Inspiration would like like if it assumed human form and that human form wore cool ripped jeans and a bad-ass hoody with a script in the pocket...look no further.
Laugh whilst you can, bullies played by Gretchen and Michael. Soon, Christina's character will come with her pepper spray, and the laughs will end.
Christina Shipp as Maggie in Rob Ackerman's Icarus of Ohio, directed by Melissa Fendell, backs up the bullies played by Gretchen Poulos and Michael Davis.
Drew Valins as CD and David Douglas Smith as Hep in Johnna Adam's Godsbreath. Sadly, we have no shots of the rooster being raised from the dead...but it happened, mostly thanks to incredible puppetry courtesy of director Kay Mitchell's invention, and Cotton Wright's frighteningly accurate chicken noises.
Leah asks Chris about his commitment to the plant she gave him (aka, their relationship).
Zack Robidas as Chris and Rebecca McHugh as Leah in Brian Pracht's Unplugged In, directed by the auteur Brian Pracht. What strange addiction has come between our lovers?
Here's a shot of Jimmy's #43 packed to the veritable gills, courtesy of actress and photographer Rebecca Katherine McHugh.
And here's a shot of one of the scenes: featuring left to right Jason Paradine as Frank Salt, Daren Taylor as Jay, and David Douglas Smith as George Salt in Rob Ackerman's Icarus of Ohio, directed by Melissa Fendell. In this moment, Jay is having a break through on his way to creating human powered flight.