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Flux on Best of 2009 Lists

Monday, January 4, 2010 Leave a Comment

It's the listing time of year, and happily, Flux is featured in a number of Best of 2009 lists:

Just Shows To Go You: Patrick Lee featured The Lesser Seductions of History among his Sixteen Most Outstanding Shows of 2009. I also loved reading his 10 Memorable Moments At The Theatre This Decade.

That Sounds Cool: Aaron Riccio included The Lesser Seductions of History as part of his Theater of 2009 roundup.

Show Showdown: Wendy Caster included The Lesser Seductions of History as part of her Top Ten-ish of 2009.

Visible Soul: Zack Calhoon included The Lesser Seductions of History in his Top Six Plays of the Year.

The Guardian: Chris Wilkinson included this blog as one of his Top Five Theatre Blogs, along with other Flux favorites Scott Walters, Parabasis, Superfluities and On Theatre and Politics. This is especially exciting because The Guardian is a model for how a media institution can have a meaningful online presence.

On Theatre and Politics: Speaking of Matthew Freeman's blog, he was kind enough to include Flux on his Support Small Theater This Year list. And hey, why not support us this year, too?

But the past is the past, you say, what about the future? Well...

Broadway World: Michael Roderick featured Flux as one of his 10 to Watch in 2010!

New York Innvoative Theatre Awards: And why not move through this next year marking the days on the NYITA's 2010 Calendar, which features an October image to remember.

This past year also included great reviews for Pretty Theft, our 1st NYITA award for Asa Wember's Sound Design of The Angel Eaters Trilogy, and our Citation for Excellence from the ITBA. Thank you to everyone who made 2009 such a positive year for all of us in Flux.

And though they don't feature Flux on their lists, be sure to check out Martin Denton's diverse and fascinating list; Time Out New York's great compilation of David Cote, Adam Feldman, and Helen Shaw's lists (it's interesting to see where they overlap); and Terry Teachout's wider angle national best list (2009= The Year of David Cromer?)

Hopefully, we'll be posting our Best Of 2009 lists later in the week, but thank you to all the folks listed above for your support. Here's to a great 2010!


  • Isaiah Tanenbaum said:  

    That was a good choice for October, I think. :)

  • Matt A said:  

    Wow! This is great...congratulations to the entire ensemble for all the great work you did in 2009!

  • Bitter Lemons said:  

    Hey guys - I'm a big fan and check your site regularly for grist. Added you to our blog roll over at www.bitter-lemons.com. Come by, take a look, if you like what we're doing please add us to your blog roll. We'd love to be part of the family. Thanks so much.

    Keep up the good work!

    Relentlessly yours,
    Colin Mitchell

  • August Schulenburg said:  


    Definitely like your site and have added you to our blog roll!

    Thank and congrats to YOU for rocking out our friend Barry.

  • Anonymous said:   This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.