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Acceptance Video for the ITBA's Citation for Excellence

Friday, July 3, 2009 Leave a Comment

As you may remember, Flux was thrilled to recently win the Independent Theatre Bloggers Association's Citation for Excellence in Off-Off-Broadway Theater. What you may not have known is the ITBA asked all the winners to create an acceptance video. Well, we may have jumped on that opportunity a wee bit faster than some of the Broadway winners, so as ITBA collects the videos, we thought we'd share ours with you.

But what kind of acceptance video to shoot? How to honor such an honor? We then remembered that our upcoming production of The Lesser Seductions of History is set in the 1960's, and realized the video could be an homage to an exceptional artist from that decade.

And once we got started, we realized we had a lot more people to thank than just the ITBA. So! In honor of the many people who have helped us get here, and in the spirit of Bob Dylan's iconic 1960's video, Subterranean Homesick Blues, and with great thanks to video artist Zack Robidas and Nick from The Majorleans, we give you our acceptance video!

(Lyrics are below, and you're going to need them)

The Lyrics
"Nicks in the studio
Mixing up the audio
Zacks on the pavement
Setting up the video
Cobos got the turpentine
Little Pond, Small Pond
Photos by Justin Hoch
Fat suit by Carickhoff
We just want to say
Thank you lord
For this sweet award
Its the M to the FTA
Hooked up by the Choinoire
Koopmans got the ground hog
Hes gonna prank him
We got some good friends
Were gonna thank them.

Calebs got the Levengood
Pips got the grey hood
Powells got the duckwood
Todds got the shouldnt should
Jenns got an angry bone
Chainsaw went to paint a throne
Sassys got a fancy phone
Calls from the DaVonne
The Majorleans
Are on the scene
Mathers brought the ammo
Daileys and del Orto
PR by the Em O
Pretty by the Szymko
Cotton got the Wolf O
Cribbage with the Nappo
Andes is the leather man
And Jason brings the Monro(y)

Crommett, Glickfeld
Jane Taylors sure swell
Mitchell, Witherell,
Johnnas eating angels
Mooney, Kenny,
Two Becky Kellys
Robin Reigi
If we cant get TCG
Just Show To Go, You
And Riccio, ooh
Asa Wember,
Every Flux member
Loves every donor
On the train from Stages
With Sunday pages
Elise and Felicia
Jakes Satanachia

Ah Waller, Fuller,
Andy Fritsch, Clyde Fitch, Isaiah get hitched,
We transgress
Four flights to Access
Jessi, Jerry, Sandra,
Angela, Martha,
Messin with Misheshin
And they put you on the Davis Shipp,
The Majorleans
You know what I mean
Better google the larcenists,
Beware string conspiracies
Help Womens Project
Public and Perspect
Ackerman and Heitzman
Prachtys OK then
So better get ready
For the Lesser Seductions"

To all the people we missed in this thank you, THANK YOU.


  • Luis Andrei Cobo said:  

    Awesome! Congrats! Well done!

    And to quote a famous sci-fi author: "My name is a killing word"

    Somehow appropriate :-D

  • Unknown said:  

    Awesome, guys. Love it. Congrats too!!

    Leonard J.

  • August Schulenburg said:  

    Thanks, guys!
    Adam, did the poster convince you?