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Divine Reckonings Artists Reveal #4:
Ken Glickfeld

Friday, April 2, 2010 Leave a Comment

What is Jacob's House?
What is ForePlay: Divine Reckonings?

Ken Glickfeld
Actor, ForePlay

Previous Flux experience:

Countless delightful Flux Sundays; Staged readings--The Dream Project (May 2007): Sueño, by Jose Rivera and Dreamlandia, by Octavio Solis; Foreplay (March 22, 2010): Formalities by James Comptois, Esther by Kristen Palmer, and Esther by Johnna Adams. Production of Angel Eaters by Johnna Adams Nov. 2008. Not strictly Flux but Gus: staged reading of his play Good Hope and a recent reading of his--nearly as fresh as Jacob’s House-- Dark Matter. Also--the last two retreats.

Do you have a favorite Bible character?


Are you blessed?
Yes. Have you met Kris?

If you were wrestling an angel, what moves would you use?
Non-violent ones

What would you do for more life?
Whatever wouldn't make my life Hell.

What is your prior experience with the Old Testament?
Jean-Claude Van Italie borrowed mine in 1967 and never returned it.
(I worked on The Serpent: A Ceremony as a member of the Open Theater)

Anything else coming up for you that Flux readers should know about?
I’ll be performing in Spaceship To Venus, April 8-17 at the Cherry Lane Studio .

Ken Glickfeld's Bio: Recent NYC - Scrooge & Marley (Marley) Angel Eaters (Doc). Out-of-town: Dr. Jeykll & Mr. Hyde (Utterson), Sherlock's Last Case (Watson), Rain (Joe Horn), Why Marry? (Uncle Everett), Uncle Vanya (Vanya) Speed the Plow(Charlie), Twelfth Night(Sir Toby). Film/TV: Don’t Drink the Water,The Accountant, Deadline(Episode 1), Spaceship on IFC. Workshop Theater member.