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Jacob's House Rehearsal Pics

Wednesday, April 21, 2010 Leave a Comment

Just a few fun pictures from our Jacob's House rehearsals - don't forget to take advantage of the $11 tickets for opening weekend with the discount code MANIFEST! (All photos by Isaiah Tanenbaum except where noted).

Dinah (Jane Lincoln Taylor) faces off against Tamar (Jessica Angleskhan) as Joe (Zack Calhoon) tries to play peace maker.
Scheck (Anthony Wills Jr.) watches as Young Dinah (Bianca LaVerne Jones) admires the black diamond he found.
Jacob (Matthew Archambault) and Rachel (Kelli Dawn Holsopple) drunkenly tease Leah (Tiffany Clementi).
(Photo by Anthony Wills Jr) The Messenger (Isaiah Tanenbaum) has come to collect from Jacob (Matthew Archambault).
So get your tickets now - or face the racketful wrath of Tamar (Jessica Angleskhan)!