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Two Fun InterWeb Things

Wednesday, April 28, 2010 Leave a Comment

The above brilliance was created (with some help from Google) by Jacob's House actor Matthew Archambault. Some said it wouldn't be worth it, Flux buying a Super Bowl ad, but clearly the proof is in the pudding.

In other news, Michael Roderick of Broadway World included our production of Jacob's House as part of his most recent A Look At Indie Theater's Movers and Shakers. This is especially cool because this Look also features our homies at Impetuous Theater Group, and their current production of Crystal Skillman's The Vigil, or the Guided Cradle. We can't wait to see our second play about torture in as many weeks (after taking in One Year Lease's disturbing production of The Tender Mercies)!

Yes, this is that time when the Flux blog is at the Tender Mercies of production concerns...more photos from rehearsal will go up next. Don't forget to nab your $11 tickets for opening night with discount code MANIFEST!