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Scavenger Time

Saturday, January 8, 2011 Leave a Comment

(Photo by Tiffany Clementi. Pictured:Zack Robidas as Coke and Julian Stetkevych as Bud)

You've seen them roaming the post-apocalyptic, moonless world of Dog Act, stealing whatever isn't nailed down to reuse and recycle, according to the whims of their insatiable appetites and the orders of their enigmatic overlord, The Wendy (praise her usefulness! praise it!)

Above is a graphic image of scavengers in their natural habitat (aka, a rehearsal photo taken on Tiffany's phone). Observe their fierce tribal rites, and then, imagine how such creatures would clothe themselves.

Well, (if I may move reality from the parenthetical), our Costume Designer Lara de Brujin has spent some time imagining such things, and come up with the following wish list for their costumes:

Lara de Brujin's Recipe For Scavenger Wear
Old cutlery
Soda cans (with or without the tabs--I need both, separately)
Yellow nylon cord
Tin cans and tin can lids

If you can have any of these things you can donate to a scavenging theatre company, let us know at gus at fluxtheatre dot org, or bring it to our event on the 17th (more on that oh so anon).

Thank you, and let slip the hound-droogs, ah-oooh!