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7 NYIT Award Nominations for Flux

Tuesday, July 21, 2009 Leave a Comment

It was great night!

We were nominated for 7 awards - 6 for Angel Eaters, and 1 for 8 Little Antichrists:

Outstanding Full Length Script: Johnna Adams
Outstanding Actor In A Lead Role: August Schulenburg
Outstanding Original Music: Gerard Keenan
Outstanding Costume Design: Emily Morgan DeAngelis
Outstanding Lighting Design: Jennifer Rathbone
Outstanding Sound Design: Asa Wember
Outstanding Set Design: Caleb Levengood

Also exciting were the 17 nominations for our friends at terraNova Collective, the love for the amazing production of Universal Robots, nominations for our friends at Piper MacKenzie for The Granduncle Quadrilogy, for the New York Neo-Futurists, and for APAC.

It was also a chance to learn about exciting new (to me) companies like Babel Theatre Project and Zootopia Theatre Company, both of whom were shown much love; and to see long time institutions like the Gallery Players, La Mama, Manhattan Theatre Source and HERE get nods for work they produced or presented.

So much thanks from all of us at Flux to Shay, Jason, Nick, Founder's Ward winner Akia and all of the staff and volunteers who so warmly made the event a night to remember!

(A grace note: part of any awards ceremony is recognizing the amazing work that somehow slipped through the cracks. From outside Flux, any list that doesn't feature Patrick Shearer's performance in A Colorful World or Rebecca Lingafelter's in Artifacts of Consequence missed out; and from within Flux, Richard Watson in Rattlers gave a performance I literally watched every night because it was so disturbing, moving and funny.)

Thanks again!


  • TMC said:  

    The event really made me see what a small world it is and how important live theatre is! I am so proud of everyone that got nominated for the Angel Eaters Trilogy. You all worked really hard and deserve to win. Go Flux!

  • Philucifer said:  

    Thanks, Gus! That's incredibly sweet of you to say.

    I'm imagining it would've been tres weird getting a nom and being in competition with Jason Howard for Universal Robots (MY favorite performance of the year.)

    Best to you and all!


  • Heather said:  

    And also congrats to Janio and Cirque du Quoi?!? and Connie, Aya and the Oph3lia gang.