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We hope that you are able to attend our 2009 Fundraiser for our upcoming production of August Schulenburg's The Lesser Seductions of History on Sunday, August 9th (more information here) If you can't join us, that will make us sad, but you can still participate in our raffle! The money made from the raffle will go directly towards financing the production. We greatly appreciate all of your support.

Raffle tickets are as follows:

$3 gets you 1 ticket
$5 gets you 2 tickets
$10 gets you 5 ticket
$20 gets you 13 tickets (wow, that really increases your chances!)
and the ultimate deal: $40 gets you 30 tickets (insane!)

This year, you can increase your chances of winning by CHOOSING which prizes you want to win! For example, if you buy 5 tickets, you can put 2 tickets into the running for The Daily Show, 2 tickets for The Bacchae and 1 ticket for the paid background role on As the World Turns (or you could put all 5 into one prize - however you want to do it!)

So you want to purchase a raffle ticket? Click HERE to find out how!


Be a Star for the Day! Tour the CBS studios with Marnie Schulenburg who plays Allison Stewart on As The World Turns. Meet the cast and crew. AND to top it off you will get the opportunity to work as a background player and get paid! (must be 18 years of age or older)

Tickets to The Daily Show with John Stewart on December 3rd

Tickets to Light Night with Jimmy Fallon on August 14th

The Mystery Box
Just what is inside this mysterious box? We can't tell. But it is something really awesome. Buy some raffle tickets and you may find out...

2 tickets to Shakespeare in Central Park (the Public Theater)
In the 2nd show in the park this year, The Bacchae, JoAnne Akalaitis returns to The Public Theater to present the Greek tragedy as it was always meant to be seen – in the open air of the city.

Dinner for 2 with the Flux Member of Your Choice!
Jason, Tiffany, Gus, Christina, Kelly, Heather, Michael, Cotton, Candice, Angela, Jake and, of course, Isaiah...take your pick!

A personal tour of Google's New York City headquarters
Flux member Kelly O'Donnell takes you on a tour of the NYC Googleplex. Learn about the little startup that grew into a search giant whose name has become a verb. Tour finishes with a lunch in one of their famous cafeterias. Yum!

A handmade purse by Jason Tseng
Jason, a writer for the Bilerico Project, made this purse just for our raffle. Click the image to see the purse.

Kneading Foot Massager by The Quality Life
Sit back, relax, and enjoy this heavenly little foot massager....ah yes...life is good...valued at over $250.

A Jawbone BlueTooth headset
Dubbed "the best headset created" it also features the best noise elimination out there.

Gift Package at Soho Sanctuary
Includes a manicure, pedicure and your choice or a facial or makeup application.

10-Class card to Area Yoga in Brooklyn
Voted Best Yoga Studio by New York Magazine. As a hatha and vinyasa yoga studio, Area yoga is for everyone. http://www.areayogabrooklyn.com/

Jewelry by Ashley Faison
Ashley Faison has created this 1960s-themed necklace to complement our upcoming production of The Lesser Seductions of History. Click on the image to see a larger view.

2 tickets to Epic Theatre Ensemble's Mahidi's Extra Key to Heaven
A poetic and haunting love story about crossing human and political borders in this time of unyielding violence. Runs Sept/Oct 2009.

2 tickets to New Perspectives' By Popular Demand
6 short plays developed by writers in the Women's Work LAB

Two Free Seasons with NYC Social Sports Club. Gift certificates are each redeemable for any 7-week season offered by NYC Social Sports Club. Sports include Kickball, Ultimate Frisbee, Inner Tube Water Polo, and more. All sports are casually competitive, and all games are followed by post-game parties.

click HERE to purchase raffle tickets! Raffle drawing will take place on August 9th.

If you have any questions about a particular prize, contact Kelly at kelly@fluxtheatre.org


  • Candice Holdorf said:  

    There is also a spa package at Soho Sanctuary and 2 10-class cards ar Area Yoga in Brooklyn! The prizes just keep getting better!

  • Soap Lover said:  

    fyi... Marnie Schulenburg's character on ATWT is Alison STEWART. The ATWT prize sounds great though!

  • August Schulenburg said:  

    Thanks for the good catch, Katie!

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    Wow, there is a lot of useful data above!