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Dog Act Review: Scott Brown, New York Magazine

Friday, February 11, 2011 Leave a Comment

(Photo: Isaiah Tanenbaum. Pictured: Julian Stetkevych, Zack Robidas)

Our third review is out, as part of an anti-Spiderman round up from New York Magazine's Scott Brown. My favorite quote this time is easy to pull:
"playwright Liz Duffy Adams has a few tricks that put her a notch above your average Brechtswept wasteland: A genuinely crystalline ear for rough, poetic dialogue; a handful of simple, honest themes--possibilities for kindness in a savage world, guilt as a luxury and a form of selfishness--in lieu of sprawling world-building; and, most crucially, the savage talents of the Flux Theater Ensemble."
Yoi, savage talents! He also challenges the length of the play, and while you could perhaps cut some and not loose the plot, doing so might take away some of my favorite parts - Zetta's story of Jem and the sea, or Vera's tales of the warring tribes - and I'm happy to sacrifice some speed for greater richness. How about you?