Sonnet For A Short Run, DOG ACT Edition

Sunday, February 6, 2011 Leave a Comment

(Photo: Isaiah Tanenbaum. Pictured: Chris Wight. Liz Douglas)
Thanks to everyone who came out and made opening weekend so lovely! As we have done for past shows, we share with you our Sonnet For A Short Run. If it inspires you to not wait and buy tix now, there are $14 tix available with the code "FUGHAT" through Thursday, 2/10.

So you say you're going to see our show-
Thanks! We know the demands on your attention
Are great - TV, films, books, not to mention
Social media - still, you've said you'll go.

But when? Now the matter grows uncertain;
Not this week but for sure the next, until
Next pours itself into your cup and spills
Over, and you rush to miss that last curtain.

Then, ah! the sorrows and regrets! The vows
Of next time; though we know missed plays, like failed leaps,
Like lost love and other games played for keeps
Get no nexts; but get gone by the last bows.

Tomorrow starts before we're ready for today;
But make time for us and we'll stop time with our play.