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Dog Act Review: Wendy Caster, Show Showdown

Friday, February 11, 2011 Leave a Comment

(Photo: Isaiah Tanenbaum. Pictured: Lori E. Parquet, Becky Byers)

Wendy Caster's review is up at Show Showdown, and it is a moving one, especially as I read it next to the image of Patrick Lee. Choosing my favorite quote is hard - I'm particularly touched by the last paragraph - but her description of the play's themes is really special:
Dog Act is a meditation on religion, civilization, responsibility, morals, the implacability of the life force, and how the arts/media bring meaning to people's lives. It's also extremely entertaining, breathtakingly imaginative, and quite funny (especially in the second act).
The thematic ambition of the play is easy to miss in how frequently funny it is, and I especially love her phrase, "the implacability of the life force". That might just be one of the unsaid themes of every Flux play, actually...