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Lesser Seductions review: Doug Strassler, Show Business Weekly

Sunday, November 15, 2009 Leave a Comment

(Photo by Tyler G. Hicks-Wright. Pictured: Jason Paradine, Candice Holdorf, Matthew Archambault)
Doug Strassler's review from Show Business Weekly is out, and I was especially happy that he noticed the sibling chemistry between Jason Paradine and Matthew Archambault as Barry and Bobby Tanner:
Meanwhile, both Bobby and his brother, Barry, find themselves haunted by their experiences in Vietnam. (It should be noted that these two fine actors demonstrate great rapport as siblings).
The play begins with 4 sibling relationships: Bobby and Barry, Anisa and Lizzie, George and Martha, and Isaac and Lee (they are cousins, but close enough to feel like brothers). All four of the sibling relationships will be damaged significantly over the course of the play, and only two of them will move towards repair by the end. And though the play is not about sibling relationships, so much of the action is driven by the complexity of these four sets of brothers, sisters, and cousins.

So, read the whole review, and then get your tickets, and after you've seen the show, please share your thoughts here.