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Lesser Seductions review: Wendy Caster, Show Showdown

Tuesday, November 10, 2009 Leave a Comment

(Photo by Tyler G. Hicks-Wright. Pictured: Jake Alexander, Isaiah Tanenbaum, Christina Shipp, Tiffany Clementi, Jason Paradine)
Wendy Caster is a reviewer new to me, so I was thrilled to read her review yesterday, and then bump into her at Liz Duffy Adam's Or,! I look forward to hearing her take on that romp of a play. Scrolling through her reviews at Show Showdown, I was also glad to read her enthusiastic takes on Viral and Universal Robots (which need no introduction on this blog), and her fascinating review of Superior Donuts.
My favorite quote regarding OUR play, however, is an easy one, and one I very much second with all my heart:
If the theatre gods deserve their divinity, The Lesser Seductions of History will end up with a long run and multiple awards off or on Broadway. (Oh, and did I mention that it's funny and sexy too?)
Three weeks is barely enough time for us to get started unpacking all the possibilities of this production, and a long run would allow nuance and detail to flower in a way that will keep me up at night, dreaming...

So, read the whole review, and then get your tickets, and after you've seen the show, please share your thoughts here.


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