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Vote for Lesser Seductions for the NYITA

Tuesday, November 24, 2009 Leave a Comment

Until Sunday the 29th, the New York Innovative Theatre Awards will be accepting your votes for The Lesser Seductions of History. The audience votes count for 25% of the total, so your vote really does count. Flux was previously nominated for 7 NYIT Awards, winning one for Asa Wember's Sound Design of Angel Eaters, and we'd love to see the work of the amazing artists in Lesser Seductions recognized.

So, vote, before the tryptophan kicks in!

A note on the process - there are a limited number of Lead and Featured actor slots available per show, which put us in a difficult position in a show where every actor is equally a Lead and/or Featured. We thought a lot about the best way to navigate this, including only allowing votes for Best Ensemble; but that would mean no actors would have a chance to be individually recognized. The only fair way to do it seemed to undertake the arduous task of counting every line, and base the Lead vs Featured designation solely on the math. So we did! This is what you'll see when go to vote; not our feeling of which character is the most important, simply which character speaks the most.

Also, Jodi Witherell, our intrepid stage manager, handled a cast of eleven, a script of many rewrites, and a show of literally hundreds and hundreds of light and sounds cues spaced seconds apart. Consider this post our unofficial nomination of Jodi for the Outstanding Stage Manager Award. (And how does one nominate her officially, goodly NYITA staff reader out there?)

Do you need to remember who exactly played what? Put faces to names on our website.

So please vote for The Lesser Seductions of History, and warm-as-twice-baked-potatoes-thank-you from all of us.