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Lesser Seductions review: Ethan Stanislawski, Tynan's Anger

Tuesday, November 10, 2009 Leave a Comment

(Photo by Tyler G. Hicks Wright. Pictured: Cast, Candice Holdorf)
Ethan Stanislawski's review at Tynan's Anger is out, and it gives a great analysis of the over all arc of the play and decade that inspired it. I also appreciate his citing of Our Town and Universal Robots as plays that influenced Lesser Seductions - Cromer's production came as I was struggling with a second draft of the play, and was immensely helpful.

Also fascinating is his idea for staging the play outside - I'd never thought of it as an option but it would be very cool to try, especially if you could catch '68 and '69 just as night was falling.

Favorite quote is easy on this one:
If Lesser Seductions had been produced in 1969; it would have been better than Woodstock; the play provides a clearer perspective of young American life than any acid trip ever could.