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Poetic Larceny Artists Reveal #10 --Nick Monroy

Thursday, April 2, 2009 Leave a Comment

What is Poetic Larceny?

And how can I learn more about Flux's upcoming production of Pretty Theft?


Actor, May 4th

Previous Flux stuff: Snout aka The Wall in A Midsummer Night's Dream, saved our asses by stepping into the role of Herbet mid-run for Angel Eaters, begged many times to come to Flux Sunday, he has yet to be persuaded...

We asked the amazing artists of our upcoming staged reading series Poetic Larceny to answer some questions about stealing, beauty, and consequences. Read on for their answers!

Question #1: What is the worst thing you've ever stolen?

Heather Cohn's skateboard. (Although I'm pretty sure she gave it to me...but I probably should have stolen Gus's Shakespeare board game)

Question #2: What is the worst thing that's been stolen from you?
My heart. I never got it back. :(

Question #3: What do you find pretty?
I suppose I could say a beach in the Caribbean, or the Andes Mountains, or even the Manhattan Skyline at night, but I have to keep it real and say that I really enjoying seeing a nice round butt.

Question #4: What do you find beautiful?
An evening with friends

Question #5: If you could steal something beautiful without consequences, what would it be?
A burrito


  • Isaiah Tanenbaum said:  

    Ironically, Gus's shakespeare board game is actually MY shakespeare board game... :)