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Poetic Larceny Artists Reveal #6 -- Mariam Habib

Wednesday, April 1, 2009 Leave a Comment

What is Poetic Larceny?

And how can I learn more about Flux's upcoming production of Pretty Theft?


Actor, May 4th

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We asked the amazing artists of our upcoming staged reading series Poetic Larceny to answer some questions about stealing, beauty, and consequences. Read on for their answers!

Question #1: What is the worst thing you've ever stolen?
A book.

Question #2: What is the worst thing that's been stolen from you?
A wallet.

Question #3: What do you find pretty?
E-mail wallpaper or is it webpaper? sunsets and tall trees; pop-up books.

Question #4: What do you find beautiful?

Question #5: If you could steal something beautiful without consequences, what would it be?
The forest.


  • Matt Archambault said:  

    Whoa! Another actor from University of Rhode Island in the group! This is very exciting...

    Miriam, I hope you check this blog regularly...get in touch with me!