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Poetic Larceny Artists Reveal #7 -- Matthew Murumba

Wednesday, April 1, 2009 Leave a Comment

What is Poetic Larceny?

And how can I learn more about Flux's upcoming production of Pretty Theft?


Actor, April 6th

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We asked the amazing artists of our upcoming staged reading series Poetic Larceny to answer some questions about stealing, beauty, and consequences. Read on for their answers!

Question #1: What is the worst thing you've ever stolen?
It would be a embarrassing for me to say because I'm not one of those dark and mysterious bad boy types (ok maybe the dark part applies) so it would be something like my roommates toothpaste and that's pretty friggin lame. So good thing I didn't answer that question.

Question #2: What is the worst thing that's been stolen from you?
Tim Tams...the best cookie on the face of the planet... literally ... they happen to be from Australian and I am from Australia so maybe I'm biased but they also HAPPEN TO BE FRIGGIN AMAZING! I order them by the box (no joke) and if you ever in your life have one...you will understand why I do such a ridiculous thing like order cookies in bulk...and why they are the worst thing that's ever been stolen from me!

Question #3: What do you find pretty?
I don't know...sunsets...stars at night...crap like that

Question #4: What do you find beautiful?
Argentineans. the first and only girl I've ever asked to marry me was an Argentinean exchange student during my junior year of high school. She was in new york for a total of like two weeks by the way...I'm still holding out hope for some good news on that one (in the words of Jim Carrey in the critically acclaimed film Dumb and Dumber..."so you're sayin there's a chance!")

Question #5: If you could steal something beautiful without consequences, what would it be?
Probably said Argentinean from question 4


Matthew was born in Melbourne, Australia to two refugees from Uganda and has live in NYC since he was ten. In addition to working with Flux on various projects (he loves Flux), Matthew is proud to be a member of Stage 13, a theater/film company that has a project Hysterical Psycho premiering at the 2009 Tribeca Film Festival, the Bat Theater Company (at the Flea Theater) and a founding member of Larrikin Productions. In addition to many NY theater credits Matthew has also recently played roles on Law & Order (Original) and in a Comedy Central Pilot.