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Big News About Our 2009-10 Season

Friday, March 5, 2010 Leave a Comment

In a way, we asked for it...

After all, when you name your season the Season of Give and Take, something will be taken as sure as given.

And due to rights issues, Flux will not be able to produce Archibald MacLeish's play, J.B. We will truly miss the chance the stage that beautiful play, especially because we had an exciting cast, design team, and staging concept already in motion. But you know us...

In its place, Flux will be staging a play inspired by the loss of J.B. - the world premiere of August Schulenburg's* Jacob's House!

Have you ever seen the trick where a magician pulls a sheet out from under a bunch of glasses without disturbing a single one? Well, I took the themes, style, design elements, staging concept, and cast of our production of J.B., and used them as inspiration to write my own riff on the story of Jacob wrestling the Angel.

And because we just got the bad news, I did it in two days. Now we have two months to get this very brand new play ready for production - can we do it?

You know there's only one way to find out.

Jacob's House
By August Schulenburg
Directed by Kelly O'Donnell
Preview: Thursday, April 29th
Opening: Friday, April 30th
Runs Thurs-Sat at 8PM and Sunday at 7PM
From April 29th-May 22nd
at The Access Theater Gallery
380 Broadway (at White St)

Tickets go on sale March 17th!
Jacob's House
What would you do for more life?
When three siblings argue over a strange provision in their father Jacob's will, allegiances shift as secrets are uncovered. As the full danger of his power is revealed, Jacob's sons and daughters must decide what to do with their enigmatic inheritance. This darkly comic riff on the Biblical story of Jacob explores the legacy of violence and power, and the cost of wrestling with the divine. Director Kelly O'Donnell and playwright August Schulenburg team up again for the first time since their award-winning collaboration on Riding the Bull.

*aka, Me.


  • SMLois said:  

    Since there's no way I'm going to be able to see the show, I'd love to have a chance to read the script. Any chance of that happening at some point?