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Flux Interviews

Thursday, March 11, 2010 Leave a Comment

Michael Davis is interviewed by his home town theatre company's blog - read it here to learn more about your favorite King of Shadows/piano savant/Segismundo serenader. Just look at him below, poised to answer any questions...

(Photo: Tyler G. Hicks-Wright. Pictured: Michael Davis, Candice Holdorf)
While you're at it, have you checked out my interview at the New York Theater Review's new blog? I talk of rabbits, among other things...

Speaking of talking, I'm not sure I ever posted a link to my interview at The Road 2 Shambala, which features a dialogue between myself, Stolen Chair's Jon Stancato, Wide-Eyed Productions' Kristin Skye Hoffman, and our gracious host, Sam Dingman.