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Good Vibrations

Thursday, March 25, 2010 Leave a Comment

There are some good vibrations going on in the blogosphere towards Flux these days:

  • Isaac Butler and Tim Bauer have kindly takes on the absurdly short amount of time (@62 days!) Flux has to take Jacob's House from first draft to full production. After finishing a 3rd draft on Sunday, we had a production meeting that gave me hope the crazy staging gauntlet I tossed down at the end of the play will be ably taken up by Jason, Kelly, and company.
  • Bekah Brunstetter, recently profiled ForePlay playwright, gives a shout out here for ForePlay, and talks about her own process in participating.
  • Marc Vogl of the goodly Hewlett Foundation, writes about the Grantmakers in the Arts 2009 Conference, and references our Managing Director Heather Cohn's take on the open source philosophy you'll find here at the Flux blog.
Thanks to Marc, Bekah, Isaac, and Tim - you're giving us excitations.


  • Matt A said:  

    haha...I love the sentiment people have about Jacob's House of 'let's see if they can pull it off.' We're gonna blow them away.