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Jacob's House Artists Reveal #1:
Anthony Wills, Jr.

Sunday, March 21, 2010 Leave a Comment

What is Jacob's House?
What is ForePlay: Divine Reckonings?

Anthony Wills, Jr.
Actor, Jacob's House

Previous Flux Experience: Frequent Flux Sundayer. Appeared in two past ForePlays: Imagination Compact and Poetic Larceny.

Do you have a favorite Bible character?
Jesus duh?

Are you blessed?

If you were wrestling an angel, what moves would you use?
Sleeper hold.

What would you do for more life?
I'll just have my portion thank you, whatever it is. I want to see if there's anything next.

What's the weirdest thing in your parents' attic?
I've never been in my parent's attic.

What is your prior experience with the Old Testament?
I disobeyed a lot of it.

If you believe in a deity or deities, what kind do you believe in?

I believe in the possibility of them all.

Anything else coming up for you that Flux readers should know about?

David London's Sunday Circus (DC, Chicago), Finian's Rainbow (New Harmony, Indiana).

Bio: Anthony Wills Jr is an actor, singer, writer, director, choreographer, artist guy. He's worked with American Theater Co. (now American Blues), Black Ensemble, Brave New World, Culture Project, Kaliyuga Arts, The Hypocrites, Journeymen, Looking Glass(NYC), Lookingglass(Chicago), Milwaukee Rep, Steppenwolf, Surflight, Target Margin, Utah Shakes, and many others www.anthonywillsjr.com