Imagination Compact Artists Reveal #1, Adam Szymkowicz

Wednesday, April 2, 2008 Leave a Comment

What is the Imagination Compact?
And how can I support it while partying with Flux?

Playwright, Puck, April 28th

History with Flux:
Food:Soul: December '07 staged reading of Adam's Pretty Theft
Dream Project: First scene of The Dream Chain
Have Another: A scene from Open Minds
Flux Sundays: Herbie, Poet of the Wild West; Never Again; Open Minds; The Forbidden Play

1. What is your favorite play of Shakespeare's? Midsummer
2. What is your favorite line of text? "Lord, what fools these mortals be."
3. Does Shakespeare influence your writing at all? Sure.

4. If the Flux Capacitor made time travel possible when the DeLorean reached 88mph, what do you think would happen if Flux Theatre Ensemble got theatre up to 88mph?
We would go back to 1955 when theater still mattered.
9. Would you rather have a beer with Richard Burbage or William Kemp? Gus Schulenburg


  • Heather (a.k.a. Chainsaw) said:  

    Ok, so that was my first attempt at blogging ever! Obviously I've got a steep learning curve when it comes to font size and type. sorry Adam! Gus will likely fix it.

  • Adam said:  

    I think it should be Lord what fools, not Look.