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Ourchambault on Good Morning America

Sunday, October 25, 2009 Leave a Comment

Wondering what our cast does when not staging fiendishly tricky plays about the 60's? Well, our Barry, played by Matthew Archambault, invents sports! Here is his guest spot on Good Morning America, where he introduces the world to Office Chair Polo. Matt appears about halfway through that link.
AND, as it turns out, the theatre blogger behind CultureFuture is one of the creators of the other invented sport featured, Circle Football.
Which begs the obvious question: is theatre the future of sports?
Next question: can our other game inventor Zack Robidas top Archampolo?
The future of theatre may very well hang in the balance.


  • Matt A said:  

    This was an Archambold Archamblog post, Gus.