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Tiff's Acting Diary- Lesser Seductions First Two Rehearsals

Monday, October 5, 2009 Leave a Comment

Tiffany here,
Flux has started rehearsals for Lesser Seductions. Friday night I was really anxious and excited for the rehearsal process to finally begin. A rehearsal process for me is a chance for me to grow as an actor and sometimes as a person. It is really exciting to me that all Flux members are involved with this project, either as a dramaturg, playwright, actor or director. The designers gave their presentations first. As an actor in the show, hearing these presentations really helped me to connect my character, Marie, to the world of the play. Sometimes as actors (I guess I should just speak for myself, but I won't) we forget how important the design aspects of a production are. If you are imagining one thing and the designers come up with something totally different it can change how you move in the space. When I say "move" I don't just mean physically as an actor but as your character. Does anyone else feel this way? There were some great discoveries during the first two rehearsals. I especially liked the discovery of how to deal with the "seductions" with in each year and how they make me as Marie feel. What a special opportunity this is to be working with such a talented group of people and to be part of something that is bigger than myself.


  • August Schulenburg said:  


    You are a rock star - I look forward to more entries in this diary! I loved your hopefulness in that first scene with Isaac, laughed at you catching the cum stain line in the diner, but I can't tell you my favorite moment (that always curses it), though I think you might guess from the loudness of my laugh.

  • TMC said:  

    Maybe we should have an audience poll for "What was Gus's favorite moments" I love your laughter and presence at the rehearsals, you bring a lot of good vibes!