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The Cott Bump

Tuesday, October 6, 2009 Leave a Comment

Is Thomas Cott the Steven Colbert of arts administrators?

I ask, only half in jest, based on the similarities between the much lauded Colbert Bump and our own recently experienced Cott Bump. The Colbert Bump is the hypothesis that politicians experience a 'bump' in their popularity immediately after appearing on the Stephen Colbert show.

Thomas Cott curates "You've Cott Mail", an invaluable aggregate of the weekday's most important arts related news. Yesterday, he featured a post of ours, and we experienced the second highest ever number of hits on our website and blog, aka, The Cott Bump.

I jestingly bring up this Cott Bump to make a slightly more serious point: this Bump is second only to the previous record of hits established when the New York Times published their positive review of Pretty Theft. I think this is fascinating - that an email listserv administered by one dedicated advocate could drive nearly as many people (502 vs 616) to our work as the Paper of Record.

Of course, the Times review was significant in that it translated directly into tickets sales, something the Cott Bump has not (yet!) done. But in the ongoing discussion of how we reach new audiences, I thought this was worth sharing.

And to return the bump...why not sign up for "You've Cott Mail"? And what has been your experience in the difference between traditional and new media driving new audience to your sites?