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Wednesday, October 14, 2009 Leave a Comment

The latest adds:

Matthew Archambault: Our intrepid Barry in The Lesser Seductions of History has a web page with updates, now easily accessible through our blog roll.

The Wicked Stage: I actually thought this was already on our blog roll...glaring omission amended.

CultureFuture: Guy Yedwab is a director/writer/actor/producer who also writes this great arts development blog. Definitely worth the clicks.

Cambiare Productions: Travis Bedard leads this Austin* company's blog, and there recently he led a candid and fascinating post-mortem of their production of Orestes.

The Guardian
: As 99 Seats has it, this London theatre blog gives as much valuable coverage to the trends of American theatre as it does to worthy theatres in North Yorkshire.

Beth's Blog: Beth Kantor posts regularly on how non-profits can use social media, going deeper than the usual Twitter-or-die generalities.

Tar Hearted: Playwright Josh Conkel's blog - maybe you missed his MilkMilkLemonade and want to atone? Reading this witty and sincere blog may be the path to redemption.

A Rehearsal Room Of One's Own: How can I resist adding a Woolf-appropriating self-described "uppity, moderate-liberal, occasionally androgynous, pansexual, vaguely Christian, feminist, humanist, sensualist, gender activist/ playwright/ lover of human beings"? (And read her Szymkoview here.)

Arlene Goldbard: Her thoughts on imaginative empathy at the NET Summit were a galvanizing force for me, and so her addition to the blog roll is long overdue.

What did I miss? Please post in the comments any worth blogs worth the rolling.

I missed the very important-
Direct Address: - where SF Playwright Tim Bauer writes about the SF theatre scene, his playwriting (currently his play Zombietown: A documentary play about the Harwood, Texas zombie attacks is running at Sleepwalkers Theatre - perhaps an enterprising zombie-loving Indie theatre company could bring it here?)

(Also, we may move the non-blogs into a different section, rather than combining Friends of Flux and Blogroll as we do now, but for the moment, they live together in dissonant harmony.)

*Not Chicago, post misreading me