Out and About, Early October

Thursday, October 1, 2009 Leave a Comment

Flux is about to be slammed by rehearsals beginning for The Lesser Seductions of History, so now is the time for us to get in our shout-outs for all the other great shows happening in (holy smokes it's) October.

The Dark Heart Of Meteorology features the sound design of our own IT-Award winning Asa Wember, Martin Denton gave it a glowing review, and the plot sounds intriguing.

Mahida's Extra Key To Heaven continues it's run at Heather's Epic Theatre Ensemble after landing strong reviews from Leonard Jacobs and David Cote. Heather's got a sweet deal for friends of Flux - read about it here.

Our TLSOH lighting designer Lauren Parrish built the set and did lights (yipes) for the New York Neo-Futurists new joint at the Ontological, Laika Dog In Space. Fun to say, no doubt fun to see.

Phoenix Theatre Ensemble is doing a Tennessee Williams staged reading series, and the amazing Kelli Holsopple (remember how good she was in our Poetic Larceny?) is in Suddenly Last Summer, but only for 3 nights! Check it.

Electric Pear's production of Ashlin Halfnight's Artifacts of Consequence was great - now they're back with his latest play, Balaton. The only downside? No PL115 co-production, so no amazing Rebecca Lingafelter...

Rapidly replacing Law and Order as the thing all NYC theatre artists must inevitably do, Sticky is returning to the Bowery and Matthew Murumba is in it! 'Nuff said.

Hopefully we'll do one of these mid-October, but let me just also say congratulations to Nosedive and The Blood Brothers for being featured in the October issue of American Theatre magazine - one more reason to circle those dates on your calendar in advance (Cotton Wright! Ryan Andes! James Comtois! Mac Rogers! Pete Boisvert! All stars, people, all stars).

What did I miss? What else is going on worth seeing?


  • Jess said:  

    Hi Gus and Flux! Thanks so much for the DARK HEART shout-out. We love Asa, and are so psyched for LESSER SEDUCTIONS (we are also currently starting a play about the Weather Underground - zeitgeist?). Looking foward to getting to know your work.

    - Jess (director for The Assembly)

  • Nerve Tank said:  

    We're intrigued by "Creature," Heidi Schreck's piece going up at the Ohio this month.

  • August Schulenburg said:  


    I'm excited to learn more about that WU project.

    I'll see your "Creature" and raise you a "bauhaus the bauhaus"!

    I should definitely add that the amazing Tatiana Gomberg (Life Is A Dream) is in Arms And The Man at Theatre 1010 opening October 8th.