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Tiff's Acting Diary- Lesser Seductions Rehearsals 10/5 & 10/6

Wednesday, October 7, 2009 Leave a Comment

Monday 10.5.09 Another good rehearsal. I really appreciate that we start the reheasals with a discussion of what may have happened to the characters between the years that are not written in the script. It really helps me to connect not only with my character, Marie, but the other characters as well. Also Heather goes through a list of happenings that happened that year in history, which is another great way to get us into the world of the year, what is going on politically, artistically and in everyday life, like how much a cup of coffee was. Then we always take a few minutes to breath and stretch in our own space, which for me is really important because I have a day job and then I go straight to rehearsals, so I really treasure those few moment of breath to get me into rehearsal mode.

Tuesday 10.6.2009 Last night's rehearsal was a little tough for me. I had a very busy day before hand with no breathing room! Which is why being alone and breathing at the start of the rehearsals is vital. I think in NYC, well in life, we forget how much we need to just stop and be quiet for a moment. We also had to skip a year which I think threw us off a little but Heather (our director) did a really great job in facilitating a discussion about what happened to the characters in the year that we skipped and really delving into what happened to them in the year that we worked on, 1964. 1964 is sort of like a dance to me, I think if we figure out the "choreography" of 1964 it will be a really powerful, beautiful year.
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