3 Ways To Help Flux

Monday, October 5, 2009 Leave a Comment

So we've moved into rehearsal time, which, (as you probably know), is also the time where we most need your help. We'll be swimming in all of the necessary work to make The Lesser Seductions of History as beautiful and vital as possible; just at the time when we also need to market the show and raise the money to sustain the production.

There are 3 ways to help, and you probably have already guessed 2 of them:

Buy a ticket: there are still $10 tix for opening weekend available with the code "1960" Help us sell the pivotal opening weekend out!

Make a donation: We're approaching the halfway mark of of our $10,000 goal of landing on the moon. Thank you to everyone who has already given; click here to help us make it all the way there. It may be an old saw that every bit counts, but it really is true.

Rent space: Here's something you can do that helps us and you - rent rehearsal space at NYR Studios, where Flux is a resident company. Drop our name when you do it, and you'll get the extended introductory rate, and Flux will get a small percentage of your rental.

Flux has come a long way in our 3 years, and that's truly because of this extraordinary community we're all a part of - please help us stay a part of it and make The Lesser Seductions of History and our Season of Give and Take live. Thank you.