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And Just What, Pray Tell, Is A Flux Sunday?

Monday, November 26, 2007 Leave a Comment

Glad you asked, intrepid blog reader. Almost every Sunday, Flux Theatre Ensemble and our growing community of actors, playwrights and directors get together to workshop new scenes. Sometimes we'll do the traditional 'read a scene and then talk about it', but more often than not we get on our feet and mess around a little. The picture to the right shows the first attempting to morph into the second with regulars Gregory Waller, David Crommett and Jane Taylor in the frame.

Director get their scenes and actors at 4, and by 5:30, they've given the scenes enough shape to share with rest of the group. While that shape is by necessity rough, its amazing how often that little staging will reveal.

The purpose of Flux Sundays is to allow our membership to stretch as artists, to deepen and grow our relationship with theatre artists we respect, and to develop plays for future production. Our 2008 season will feature several plays that were primarily developed at Flux Sundays!

And the work at Flux Sundays also funnels into our bar series, Have Another, and our potluck play reading series, Food:Soul. We've played with scenes from Brian Pracht, Johnna Adams, Adam Szymkowicz, Erin Browne, Rob Ackerman, Katherine Burger, Melissa Fendell, Jeremy Bascescu and members Joe Mathers and myself; worked with directors like John Hurley, Kay Mitchell, Heidi Handelsman, Angela Aastle and Members Kelly O Donnell and Heather Cohn; and TONS of great actors, including regulars like Jane Taylor, Nancy Franklin, Michael Davis, Katie Hartke, Rebecca McHugh Ken Glickfeld, David Crommett, Greg Waller, Daren Taylor, Elise Link, Marnie Schulenburg, Zack Robidas and a whole bunch more.

Our most recent Flux on Sunday the 18th featured members Cotton Wright and Candice Holdorf having a contest of who could be more enigmatic and fierce in Jeremy's members Tiffany Clementi and Christina Shipp catching the manic comedy and longing of Adam's A Wonderful Wife; members Tiffany Clementi and Christina Shipp catching the manic comedy and longing of Adams Open Heart; member Jason Paradine once again bringing the funny hard as Frank in Rob' Icarus of Ohio and then even harder w/a pan European accent in Katherine's musical Batvia, and newcomer Keith Fasciani breathing a charming life into member Isaiah Tanenbaum's first Flux playwriting offering, Viva Fidel!

While we're off for next week because of our first Food:Soul with Adam's Pretty Theft (stay tuned for more info); I'll be updating this blog with more news regarding this weekly workshop thing of ours. And thanks to everyone listed above and beyond who make it so vital, surprising and fun, week in and week out.