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Heather Cohn wins FringeNYC Award for Other Bodies direction!

Monday, August 25, 2008 1 comments

Great news, Fluxers! Other Bodies director Heather Cohn just won a FringeNYC Overall Excellence Award for her direction, and we're all excited and proud. This was a difficult play, but Heather found passion, clarity and a beautiful theatricality in spite of the challenges. Hip hip hooray and huzzah!

There is much more to say about the Fringe: the process of the production (challenging), the process of writing the play (still defiantly unfinished), other Fringe shows (a strong year with my personal non-Flux favorite the lovely October Crisis), the staff of the Fringe (especially Elena's unceasingly generous heart), the coverage of the Fringe (championed in spite of its flaws by many talented reviewers, shown a useless cynicism by some unfortunate others) and the month of August theatre un-Fringed (great play at Highwire directed by Rattlers dir. Jerry Ruiz.)

But...all that will have to wait...because we are off on our annual retreat at sweet, sweet Little Pond. Exec Direc Kelly OD has planned a marvelously full week of planning, discussion and workshopping, and I simply can't wait.

(Little Pond, picture Don Camp)
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Pictures from Other Bodies

Saturday, August 9, 2008 1 comments

Other Bodies Tech Run Photos(Photo: Isaiah Tanenbaum/ Terry: Vince Nappo/ Time: Christina Shipp)
Here are some beautiful (and occasionally silly) pictures from our tech run of Other Bodies - what night are you coming? You can buy your tickets by clicking on the dates listed below:
Sun 10 @ NOON
Sat 16 @ 8:45
Sun 17 @ 4:15
Wed 20 @ 6:45
Fri 22 @ 3:45
VENUE #18: CSV Cultural and Educational Center - Flamboyan
107 Suffolk Street, (Rivington & Delancey Streets)
F train to Delancey Street or J, M to Essex Street

(Photo: Isaiah Tanenbaum/ Terry: Vince Nappo/ Girl #1: Christina Shipp)
"I knew a little about women. It was my job, after all, to know about them".
(Photo: Isaiah Tanenbaum/ Terry: Vince Nappo/ Rebecca: Christina Shipp)
"Take Rebecca. I did."
(Photo: Isaiah Tanenbaum/ Terry: Vince Nappo)
"It's hard, being a woman! You have to be the Girl Scout, and the Playboy Bunny"
(Photo: Isaiah Tanenbaum/ Terry: Vince Nappo/Kelsie: Christina Shipp)
I was the cigarette they were trying to quit."
(Photo: Isaiah Tanenbaum/ Terry: Vince Nappo/Her: Christina Shipp)
"But I didn't get his job. She did."
(Photo: Isaiah Tanenbaum/ Terry: Vince Nappo/Her: Christina Shipp)
"I saw it, this deep and a private grief, and for some reason I couldn't breathe until she blinked and it was gone"
(Photo: Isaiah Tanenbaum/ Terry: Vince Nappo/Time: Christina Shipp)
"My body is not my body."
(Photo: Isaiah Tanenbaum/ Terry: Vince Nappo/Jeff: Christina Shipp)
"This is the last time I'll ask. Tell me all about it."
(Photo: Isaiah Tanenbaum/ Terry: Vince Nappo/Jeff: Christina Shipp)
"I could tell him anything. I would tell him everything."
(Photo: Isaiah Tanenbaum/ Terry: Vince Nappo/Time: Christina Shipp)
"Lightening. Glass. Blood. Road. Pain."
(Photo: Isaiah Tanenbaum/ Terry: Vince Nappo/Benny: Christina Shipp)
"Do you know why I work here? Not for the money, not to save lives, my enemy cares nothing for those things..."
(Photo: Isaiah Tanenbaum/ Terry: Vince Nappo)
"God would take the light out of other things and shine it all on me"
(Photo: Isaiah Tanenbaum/ Benny: Christina Shipp)
"And it was just then that time started to break on me".
(Photo: Isaiah Tanenbaum/ Terry: Vince Nappo/Benny: Christina Shipp)
"And that's why you should let me touch you."

(Photo: Isaiah Tanenbaum, Tiffany Clementi)
Co-costume designer Tiffany stands in for Sophie with a slightly younger take on the role.
(Photo: Isaiah Tanenbaum, Jason Paradine pictured)
"Magic sheet? We don't need no stinkin' magic sheet!"
(Photo: Isaiah Tanenbaum, Asa Wember pictured)
What sound looks like...
(Photo: Tiffany Clementi, August Schulenburg pictured)
The playwright contemplates sleep.
(Photo: Tiffany Clementi, Jason Paradine and Heather Cohn pictured)
A director who is also a ninja!
(Photo: Tiffany Clementi, Cat Adler-Josem pictured)
Tech is fun, tech is fun, tech is fun...
(Photo: Tiffany Clementi, Amy Carickhoff, Tiffany Clementi and Kelly O'Donnell pictured)
...but finishing tech is more fun.
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Other Fringe Shows to See

Sunday, August 3, 2008 1 comments

So...it's Fringe time. And of course you're seeing this:

Other Bodies
Flux Theatre Ensemble
Writer: August Schulenburg
Director: Heather Cohn
The creators of last year's FringeNYC Village Voice Audience Favorite Riding the Bull return with this seductive battle of the sexes between a notorious player and mysterious woman that deepens into a haunting parable of how our bodies betray us.
2h 25m Local Manhattan NYC
Drama Comedy
VENUE #18: CSV Cultural and Edu. Cntr. Flamboyan
Sun 10 @ NOON
Sat 16 @ 8:45
Sun 17 @ 4:15
Wed 20 @ 6:45
Fri 22 @ 3:45

But...what do you see after that? Here are some shows from friends that Flux recommends:

Exodus: Perhaps you know Daren Taylor as a gifted actor (from our Have Another #2), but he is also an exciting playwright - so check out:

The Awakening Project
Writer: Daren Taylor
Director: Jessica McVea
People are starving. Child labor is legal. Religion is Law. Welcome to �Paradise�! A new form of slavery has stemmed from a familiar place- gentrification. But can the children of Paradise win against an unfamiliar entity bigger than themselves? Maybe�
2h 0m Local Brooklyn NYC
Drama FringeHIGH
VENUE #17: The Connelly Theater
Sun 10 @ 12:15
Fri 15 @ 7:15
Tue 19 @ 7
Thu 21 @ 2:30
Sun 24 @ NOON

Big Thick Rod: If you were a fan of NYIT Award Nominee Tatiana Gomberg in our Life is a Dream, be sure to see her work in this:

Big Thick Rod
Rabbit Hole Ensemble
Writer: Stanton Wood
Director: Edward Elefterion
Cricket's ready to hump the table leg. Her husband wants to improve her mind. Can they find satisfaction with a three-armed gardener, a busload of Japanese tourists, and someone named Rod? Aren't you supposed to screw the ones you love?
1h 30m Local Brooklyn New York
Comedy Drama
VENUE #10: The New School for Drama Theater
Sun 10 @ 2
Mon 11 @ 7:45
Thu 14 @ 5:45
Wed 20 @ 9:30
Fri 22 @ 9:30

the october crisis (to Laura): Remember how you thought to yourself, "Wow, this Imagination Compact reading:The Lovers" sure is beautifully directed"? Of course you do - and that's just why you should check out Scott Ebersold's direction in:

the october crisis (to laura)
Packawallop Productions, Inc.
Writer: Alejandro Morales
Director: Scott Ebersold
1945. In a Havana nightclub, sultry torch singer Marguerite Stone launches her career. 1962, the eve of the Cuban Missile Crisis. A mysterious telegram and too many whiskeys resurrect the past Marguerite had abandoned in order to sing.
2h 15m Local Manhattan NYC
VENUE #12: The Players Theatre
Fri 8 @ 9:30
Sun 10 @ NOON
Thu 14 @ 6:45
Sun 17 @ 4:30
Mon 18 @ 3

time, et. al: Gil Varod's and Jennifer Lynn Jordan's play's title is actually inspired by one of characters from our own Other Bodies! Can the Fringe sustain two plays that rupture the space-time continuum? Only one way to find out:

time, et. al.: a cautionary tale about love and time travel
Oberon Inc.
Writer: Gil Varod and Jennifer Lynn Jordan
Director: Shannon Fillion
When William starts receiving letters from 1921, it's certain he's found his soulmate. But can two slightly unstable lovers find a rupture in the space-time continuum and their happily ever after? The paleo-futuristic dark comedy of the year!
2h 0m Local Manhattan NYC
Comedy Drama
VENUE #17: The Connelly Theater
Sun 10 @ 6:45
Thu 14 @ 4:15
Sat 16 @ NOON
Tue 19 @ 9:45
Sat 23 @ 9:45

Untitled Masterpiece: Patrick Flynn is a gifted and funny theatre and filmmaker who charmed the Fringe kiddies with last year's Princess Mimi. Now, he gets all young adulty with:

Untitled Masterpiece
Unknown Penguin
Writer: Patrick Flynn
Director: Patrick Flynn
Untitled Masterpiece is a fresh take on life after college graduation. Everyman Joe Meursault struggles to find himself through a barrage of changing scenes and rotating characters that try to reduce his life to a series of TV shows.
1h 0m National Wilmington Delaware
Comedy Performance Art
VENUE #11: The Barrow Street Theatre
Sun 10 @ 9:45
Tue 12 @ 3:45
Sat 16 @ NOON
Wed 20 @ 5:15
Fri 22 @ 8:15

Anais Nin Goes to Hell: If you simply can't wait to see Marnie Schulenburg tear it up in Flux's November production of Angel Eaters, why not sate your appetite with her performance as Andromeda in:

Anais Nin Goes to Hell
Maieutic Theatre Works
Writer: David Stallings
Director: Cristina Alicea
Imagine an island in hell with Cleopatra, Joan of Arc, and Queen Victoria...waiting for their men. What happens when women's lib icon Anais Nin arrives to turn their afterlife upside down? 2007 First Prize Winner Boston Theatre Works Unbound Festival.
2h 20m Local Manhattan NYC
Comedy Drama
VENUE #17: The Connelly Theater
Fri 8 @ 9:45
Sun 10 @ 9:30
Sun 17 @ 7:15
Thu 21 @ 5:15
Sun 24 @ 2:45
Anything else you'd recommend? Post in the comments and we'll all try to check it out. See you at the Fringe!
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